Simultaneous Interpreting

The interpreter, who listens to the speech of the source-language speaker from a soundproofed booth, almost simultaneously renders the message of the speech into a microphone for conference members who are listening with earphones.

Consecutive interpreting

This method of interpretation is performed consecutively, i.e. the interpreter listens to several sentences and then summarises the message and interprets the text in an efficient and well-structured manner. In unilateral consecutive interpretation, interpreting only takes place in one linguistic direction and the source text tends to be longer (generally up to 10 minutes). In bilateral consecutive interpretation, or liaison interpreting, interpreting is performed in both linguistic directions enabling interaction between two communicating partners. This method is often employed in situations such as interviews or during negotiations.

Whispered interpreting

Whispered interpretation (sometimes referred to by its French name, "chuchotage ") is a special form of simultaneous interpretation which requires no equipment. Chuchotage interpreting is performed for a maximum of two persons. The interpreter sits next to or behind his or her client and interprets simultaneously directly into the client's ear.